New instruction package in DEKRA Safety Web: focus on accident prevention

Starting from May 25th 2018 haulage and fleet owner who booked an annual instruction in DEKRA Safety Web can access additional instruction contents for free. This additional offer replenishes the mandatory instructions with important information. According to DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) regulation 70 employers are only allowed to entrust drivers with conducting motor vehicles that have been instructed.

Schreenshot: DEKRA Safety Web, © DEKRA Media GmbHDEKRA Safety Web enables companies to instruct their staff not only flexible but also legally secure. Especially in the field of logistics whos workers are often on the run companies appreciate these advantages. Also company car drivers who travel a lot are able to complete the instructions on their computer or on mobile devices. Mandatory and available in DEKRA Safety Web are besides others:

  • General Instruction for Utility Vehicles
  • General Instruction for Passenger Cars
  • Load Safety
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Steering and Resting Periods

Companies who book one or more of the above mentioned instructions for their staff receive without extra costs the additional modules „Fatigue – Tiredness behind the Steering Wheel“ and „Legal Basis for Fleet Manager“ starting from the end of May. Martina Reinicke-Reichelt, manager of the digital learning system within the DEKRA Media GmbH in Mönchengladbach, Germany, and responsible fort he DEKRA Safety Web: „With great concern we observe an increase in serious truck accidents at the end of tailbacks on motorways. Those who recognize tiredness behind the steering wheel early enough and therefor react accordingly is in the position to prevent situations with serious hazards. We believe that our instruction „Fatigue“ makes an important contribution towards the prevention of accidents.“

Fleet manager have the chance to refresh their knowledge of their rights and duties with the module „Legal Basis for Fleet Manager“. Also this content will be available starting from May without extra costs if the mandatory instructions are booked as a package.

Instructions in the DEKRA Safety Web consist besides explainer videos (with a presenter) of videos with icon technique and cut-out technique, interactive exercises and tests. Martina Reinicke-Reichelt: „The centre of attention in our learning modules is the learner. The didactic processing of content, the targeted media mix and the illustrative, concrete use of language – everything is oriented on establishing the knowledge firmly and in the long run.

DEKRA Safety Web

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