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In a short expert video, Wolfgang Reichelt, managing director of DEKRA Media, explains which types of videos there are and which advantages they have.

Man watching an explainer film on a PC monitor, © DEKRA Media GmbHExplainer films enable their viewers to acquire knowledge regardless of time and place. They usually offer a much better entertainment value compared to conventional teaching materials. Such a video should not be too long, so as not to overstrain the viewers' attention. If more complex content of teaching should be imparted, is it quite sensible to combine different types of explainer videos. There is a new video on the website "learning insights" in which Wolfgang Reichelt explains which different types of explainer exist and which advantages each of them has.

When it comes to vocational training, these learning nuggets are well-suited tools: they help to visualize contextual information in a perfectly adjusted form to the target group. The same applies for employees who should receive important safety notes exactly where they need them in their daily working routine. All of the presented types of explainer films are not only attractive and suitable materials for training but they can improve a web based training, too. For this reason, both DEKRA Akademie and DEKRA Media also use the modern and flexible medium for online seminars and health and safety instructions. This results in advantages for both sides: the required knowledge can be imparted in a more efficient and memorable way. Furthermore, the motivation of the participants increases.

How popular explainer videos are is also evident in everyday life. An increasing number of companies use explainer films to make information quickly and easily accessible for their employees and customers. And even private individuals use the short films, which can be found on platforms like YouTube, to acquire new knowledge and skills.The subject matter of such videos ranges from construction manuals and assembly instructions to scientific topics and even online drawing courses.

Learning Insights: expert Video "Explainer films"

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