Cut-out technique

Sometimes gestures say more than words. Using the classical cut-out technique, we can display content with apparently simple methods in such an interesting and entertaining way that your contact partner won’t just chuckle – he’ll even learn something from it.

The trick is in the exact synchronisation of story, narrative technique, pictures that give the impression of being hand-drawn and the gesture-like presentation. See for yourself!

Our production process

To ensure that you receive exactly the right film to fit your wishes, your ideas and your budget, our main priority during our production process is to stay in close dialogue with you.

In the first phase, we clarify your wishes and our assignment in a comprehensive and detailed manner. This helps us avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards. Then we start working on the content: You tell us what you want to happen in your film, what the main idea should be and what you want the viewer to remember. Based on this, we create the storyboard and the corresponding visualisation.

This can be in cut-out technique, icons, 2-D animation or a live action film: In any case, you'll get the chance to approve our storyboard before we start production. After this, it's just a small step before you can use your individual explainer film!